Chengdu J-20

10th January 2022

Chengdu J-20 user+1@localho Mon, 01/10/2022 - 21:17

The J-20 is a fifth-generation, twin-engine fighter designed by Chengdu. Early production aircraft are powered by Russian supplied AL-31FN Series 3 engines. Subsequent production configuration J-20As are powered by the AL-31 or derivatives of the WS-10 depending upon the production batch. Future aircraft may be powered by the WS-15. Much of the existing Western literature describes the aircraft as a low observable (LO) interceptor, but domestic sources universally describe the aircraft as China s premier air superiority fighter. As of early 2022, approximately 60-70 J-20s are likely in operation with the PLAAF or are undergoing testing with Chengdu.